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Appropriate Play

Class Objectives: -Learning appropriate play -Learning safe play -Matching your dog up with other dogs -Choosing the best toys -Breed specific play
Appropriate Play

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Online Course delivered over Zoom

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Dogs are social creatures and when raised correctly and with the right experiences can bring us so much joy. 

Dogs are like children and we want to teach and train them in the best way possible. We want to ensure they have great experiences and avoid pitfalls. 

Dogs are hard wired to play from being puppies but some dogs can miss out on vital lessons if they are not given the right opportunities to learn.

Dogs will only play when they feel safe and secure and often we have to teach dogs what is 'acceptable' and what is not. We do this through ethical guidance.

What many can assume is cute puppy play or just typical dog play can often leave some dogs stressed and worried and lead them to reacting in ways we do not want them to. They learn the wrong response, which becomes the go to/right response for the dog.

This course looks in depth at play and through videos and theory we explore and explain what is going on and how to best protect your own and other dogs around you. Ensuring your dog is safe, happy and secure in life!

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