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Flossie's Story

I have attended classes with Clare for two years and also attended some classes with Lindsay.

My collie Flossie and I have learnt lots of interesting, useful and fun stuff! As a Border Collie she has learnt to focus on her learning and use her brain.

She loves working.

Whilst never planning to be a dog trainer, to my amazement I am nonetheless, learning new skills and new ways of seeing things. I have met people who truly put their dog first. People who believe that achievement and performance, whilst satisfying, are a means to a happy dog rather than an end in themselves. I have learned to be flexible and I am also learning to be precise so my dog can best understand me.

The social media support have been a great help between sessions. It is extremely motivating to be able to ask anything and engage in a discussion with a learning, caring community.

My beautiful collie dog who is naturally highly sensitive and highly active is settling into a happy, confident dog. Her natural curiosity and intelligence are being challenged and developed. She

has fun experiences and has learned to love learning.

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