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Is it really 'High Value'?

Behind the scenes of this blog there is some testing going on! 

I am well known (and probably not too popular) for insisting that dog trainers take some time to think about and question their use of language.  In particular language that has made its way into common dog training usage and therefore assuming we all mean the same when we use it! 

A recent example came up in the form of 'high value' treats. This is a description that dog trainers use for food which may  

  • Improve Focus

  • Increase Motivation

  • Create Excitement

Most trainers have a 'go to' list of food they consider high value, such as

  • Cheese

  • Sausage

  • Liver

  • Hot Dog

  • Chicken 

I have two questions 

"1. How are we collecting evidence that enables us to define a food as high value to our learner

2. Who decides? "

What tests would you set up to support your theories and beliefs? 

I will report back!

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